The Bavarian Military Merit Cross is equivalent to the Prussian Iron Cross.

This decoration came in three classes. Unlike the Iron Cross, it could be awarded both during war and in peacetime.

It was more commonly awarded during wartime, when it would be paired with swords. It was also awarded with a crown at times. (Next item.)

The presentation case is labeled
”Gebrüder Hemmerle of Munich”

German Empire
L to R

- Iron Cross 2nd Class
  (Hallmark "A" - Assman)

- Military Merit Cross
  (3rd Class) with Swords

- Bavarian 12 Year Long
  Service Medal

- Frontkämpfer Cross with
  Swords (aka Hindenburg Cross)

- Bavarian 9 Year Long
  Service Medal

Marked on reverse of the swords  “WC 950”

On original triangular ribbon.
4  Order of Military Merit w/ Swords (4th Class)
5  Military Merit Cross (2nd  Class) with Swords In Presentation Case
Military Merit Cross (3rd  Class) with Swords and Crown
Five Place Long Service Dress Bar
Hallmarked "WC" on suspension ring.

This Kingdom of Prussia order of chivalry was established in 1810 by King Frederick William III.

It was awarded to both military personnel and civilians, to recognize valor in combat, excellence in military leadership, long and faithful service to the kingdom, or other achievements.

As with most German (and most other European) orders, the Order of the Red Eagle could only be awarded to commissioned officers or civilians of approximately equivalent status.

Hallmarked on suspension ring    “N” (Neuhaus & Sohn, Morenstrasse 47 in Berlin)

3  Order of the Red Eagle (4th Class)
The Crown Order from Prussia was one of the three families of decorations that were awarded in the Kingdom, and later in the Reich. It was established in 1861 by King Wilhelm I (later Kaiser Wilhelm I).

Like the Red Eagle Order 4th Class, the arms of this decoration were not enamel. Enamel was not used until one got to the 3rd Class.

The decoration is gold-toned. Hallmarked "W" on arm - workshop of Wagner & Sohn, one of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s house jewelers. On the decoration’s obverse is a crown circled by blue enamel.

The decoration’s reverse features Wilhelm I’s Royal Cypher and the date the Crown Order was established (18 October 1861).
1  Order of the Crown (4th Class)